Episode 175

Published on:

23rd Jan 2024

Be The Gift

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In this episode, Mark shares the powerful "Be the Gift Challenge" he initiated during Christmas. He replays Facebook Lives where he discusses the inspiration from the movie "Jingle All the Way." Mark emphasizes the importance of fathers being present, not just with material gifts but with time, energy, and affection. He challenges you to give one new gift daily to your children and suggests that, for many, the first step is giving these gifts to yourself. Mark passionately encourages you to invest in your emotional well-being, affirming that you are worth the effort and capable of being the greatest gift to your families.

Episode Summary:

  • Gift-giving and self-care during the holidays. 0:03
  • Mark Santiago discusses the "be the gift challenge" during Christmas, encouraging men to be present and supportive for their families.
  • Mark shares personal stories of going through separation and divorce during Christmas, offering insights on how to navigate difficult times.
  • Mark discusses the pressure on men to provide gifts for their children during the holiday season, citing the movie "Jingle All the Way" as inspiration.
  • Fatherhood and Christmas gift-buying. 3:51
  • Howard struggles with balancing work and fatherhood in "Jingle All the Way."
  • Mark discusses how men often try to buy their children's affection during separation and divorce, using gifts as a way to make up for not being present as a father.
  • Mark shares a personal story about a character in a movie who goes on an adventure to find a toy for his son, but ultimately realizes that the son doesn't want the toy, he wants his father's attention and presence.
  • The importance of being present for children. 9:37
  • Turbo Man saves his son from falling after being attacked by Sinbad's character, and the son reveals that he's been wanting a Turbo Man doll for Christmas.
  • Turbo Man's wife is shocked to find out that her husband is actually Turbo Man, and she gives Jamie the special collector's edition Turbo Man doll.
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of being present for children, not just giving them gifts.
  • Mark encourages fathers to do the work of healing and being present for their kids.
  • Mark plans to discuss practical ways to be present for children in future videos.
  • Personal growth and relationships. 15:42
  • Man's neglect of wife and son leads to temptation for another man.
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of self-investment for personal growth and relationships.
  • Being a good father and husband. 18:49
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of being a gift to one's family, particularly as a father, and offers three ways to give without relying on external factors.
  • Mark challenges listeners to take the assignments and investments given to them and return them to their family and others, rather than focusing on receiving something in return.
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of time, energy, and affection in fatherhood, highlighting the need to prioritize these aspects to raise happy and healthy children.
  • Mark shares personal anecdotes and examples to illustrate the importance of showing affection and energy towards children, and asks for permission to show physical affection when needed.
  • Self-care and investing in oneself for better relationships. 22:52
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of giving time, energy, and affection to one's children, but also recognizes the need for self-care and investing in yourself.
  • Mark encourages listeners to choose one gift to give their children each day that they don't already do, and to prioritize self-care if they've already given their children all they have.
  • Mark encourages men to be the gift to themselves and others, and to receive and make the most of the resources provided.
  • Mark invites men to join the Empowered Man group for further support and knowledge, and to connect with other empowered men.

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