Episode 177

Published on:

6th Feb 2024

Ask Mark Anything

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In this episode, Mark engages in an impromptu "Ask Mark Anything" session, tackling a variety of questions. He delves into complex relationship issues, such as dealing with a partner's affair, overcoming codependency, and navigating a divorce. He also emphasizes the importance of self-healing, boundaries, and genuine communication in facing challenges, offering insights and guidance to anyone grappling with emotional turmoil and relationship struggles.

Episode Summary:

  • Navigating infidelity and confusion in a marriage. 0:03
  • Mark explains that false positives are common in situations where a spouse has cheated, and the cheated partner may exhibit affectionate behavior towards their partner as a result of confusion and conflicting emotions.
  • Mark advises a listener who is experiencing this situation to be patient and understanding, as it is normal for the cheated partner to go through a range of emotions and to take time to process their feelings.
  • Infidelity and healing. 2:17
  • Mark describes the process of healing from an affair as a "deep component" that requires self-reflection and personal growth.
  • The responsibility of the person who has been cheated on is to work on their own healing and how to move forward, rather than trying to fix the other person.
  • Mark acknowledges that you may not have put a gun to your wife's head to make her cheat, but you may have created an environment that contributed to that.
  • Mark recognizes that men often struggle to open up about their emotions and deal with them in a healthy way.
  • Communication during and after divorce. 6:38
  • Communicate with your ex-wife as a neutral person, not a former partner or friend, to maintain boundaries and respect each other's space during a divorce.
  • Mark shares his personal experience with moving on from a previous relationship and how he took the time to heal and come to a place of readiness for a new relationship.
  • Mark advises others to prioritize healing and self-reflection before entering a new relationship, rather than rushing into it without proper closure and healing from past wounds.
  • Grief, codependency, and confidence. 10:01
  • Mark offers guidance on building confidence through self-reflection and identifying past wins.
  • Mark discusses how men often struggle with codependency and losing confidence, leading to feelings of insecurity and a need to control.
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of emotional regulation and honesty in addressing these issues.
  • Personal growth and marriage reconciliation. 13:38
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of emotional regulation and personal growth for men in marriages facing challenges.
  • Mark encourages men to focus on their own personal development and stop worrying about their wives' wants, as it is essential for creating a new marriage.
  • Personal growth, relationships, and communication. 15:38
  • Mark discusses having financial struggles and feeling powerless, seeking advice on how to navigate this situation.
  • Finding inner strength to deal with the passive-aggressive behavior by an ex-wife that is causing emotional distress.
  • Mark advises against blaming an ex-partner and instead focuses on personal growth and happiness.
  • Dealing with an impending divorce and communicating with your soon to be ex-partner who doesn't want to talk, emphasizing the importance of respecting her boundaries.
  • Accepting divorce and personal growth. 20:10
  • Mark acknowledges the difficulty of divorce for men and encourages open communication with your wife.
  • Mark emphasizes the importance of accepting the reality of a failing marriage and moving forward with tools and support.
  • Mark invites men to join the Thrive program for radical transformation and becoming the type of man your wife wants to communicate with and be married to.
  • Mark encourages listeners to visit empowered man.co/book to book a call and figure out what's next on their journey towards empowerment.
  • Mark signs off and invites listeners to join the Empowered man group for more information and connection with other empowered men.

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An Empowered man is one who communicates like a leader, sets boundaries that gets respect, knows who he is and what he wants...and owns his own sh*t. The Empowered AF podcast is designed to help men do just that in their marriage and life. Join...
An Empowered man is one who communicates like a leader, sets boundaries that gets respect, knows who he is and what he wants...and owns his own sh*t.

The Empowered AF podcast is designed to help men do just that in their marriage and life. Join entrepreneur, coach, and father Mark Santiago every week as he shares the secrets to stepping into your own empowerment as a man.

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